Educated Bet is an impartial guide to betting. Unlike many guides, this site doesn’t refer players to bookmakers or betting sites and we don’t sell advertising directly to the bookies either. This means that the information contained within these virtual walls is truly independent and free of outsider influence.

Or to put it in other words, we can say whatever we like and be truly honest.

Hang on a minute, we hear you cry, I just saw an advert for a bookie – what’s that about?! 

Whilst we don’t feature any direct ads or participate in affiliate schemes on this site, we do run adverts. These come from google and we don’t have control over what is shown, so there is a strong chance that you may see adverts for betting sites if you’ve been searching for related terms. Which, considering you’re on this site, is a strong possibility.

But you’re also just as likely to see adverts for washing machines or the latest show from netflix, it all comes down to your own personal searching habits.

So Who Are We?

Enough of this advertising malarkey, I want to know who the heck you are and why you think you’re qualified to talk about betting?

This site is actually the work of a few different people, each specialising in different areas. We’re based in the UK and so most of the information is tailored towards the British market, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not relevant to those of you outside of blighty.